Why “Orange You Glad”?

Because orange is my favorite color! And who doesn’t love a good knock-knock joke?

Owner, Haley Nagy, was professionally trained as a visual artist and received an MFA in Interdisciplinary Book & Paper Arts in 2012. There she learned to make paper with a Hollander beater, and mould and deckle, as well as how to bind one-of-a-kind artist books. After graduation, her interests rapidly migrated from books to textiles as she soon realized that fabric and thread also have a story to tell. As it turns out, many of the specialized tools and skills required to create a handmade book translate directly to sewing and quilting. (Accurate measuring, bone folders, awls, rotary cutters and how to properly turn a corner!) And so, from her love of all crafts that require pins, needles or thread, Orange You Glad Studio was born.

Each handmade quilt is one-of-a-kind and contains locally sourced, “up-cycled” fabric. We also offer lovingly restored vintage quilts, fabric and sewing notions that have been rescued from estates throughout rural Pennsylvania. Click an individual listing to read the exciting history behind each product.